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precision machining

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Our manufacturing services

Provide high-quality on-demand rapid manufacturing services for high-quality machining services and injection molding of customized parts.

CNC precision machining parts

CNC milling and turning processes can achieve precise and fast manufacturing.

CNC precision machining

3,4,5 axis CNC milling, CNC turning and post-processing services, designed for rapid prototyping and large-scale mass production.

Stainless steel product parts

High-quality metal manufacturing, with a wide range of material choices and surface treatments.

Precision injection molding

The injection molding process can customize prototypes and end-use production parts in a short time.

Magnesium alloy surface treatment

Additive manufacturing can complete functional prototypes, complex designs and design production components within one day

Surface treatment

Chemical processing, electrical processing, mechanical processing, you can get high-precision parts at any time.

Magnesium alloy precision testing

Our high-quality magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel material can help you reduce quality risks

Quality inspection

We carry out different levels of inspections on the raw materials and finished products according to the data provided by the customers

Provide you with high-quality parts,
fast and worry-free

Digital Manufacturing Online Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing

By simply selecting the required services and sending CAD files, we will handle all matters from quotation to production and delivery in a cost-effective manner. Each rapid manufacturing process is transparent and synchronized, so you can track orders at any time.

Magnesium alloy product machining technology

Engineering support

An engineering team of 100 technicians is ready to help you. From early material selection, customized prototyping suggestions, to money-saving techniques and technical tips before part manufacturing, all the way to the final use production, all get professional advice。

Machining quality assurance of magnesium alloy products

Quality assurance

KME technology puts quality first. We provide customers with ISO 9001:2015 certification, SGS, RoHS material certification and full size report. The first part of the verification procedure can be provided upon request. In addition, you are always protected by a return and refund policy.

Put parts into production immediately

You can complete your project in only 4 simple steps. Follow the instructions!

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Real customer feedback

The parts arrived on Monday. Thank you for your prompt service and attention to our orders. We have checked the parts and installed them in one of our components. The quality, fit and finish are all very good. I will order a larger quantity of products.

— 491 (State-owned Factory)-Mr. Wang

Getting a quote online is an incredible experience, and the results are impressive. It saves me a lot of time and energy. 

— Fifty or Six (Army Factory)-Mr. Huang

I have received the parts yesterday. Thank you for supporting my project in such an urgent time. The update of the manufacturing process and logistics tracking help a lot. I see everything is under control, very useful function!

— Shenzhen Electronic Technology Group-Mr. Li

From prototype to production

1ID / MDdesign

Our team of experts provide support throughout the ID/MD design process and provide ready-made solutions.


Our services can meet the needs of various prototype applications and small batch manufacturing. All of these have consistent cost-effective prices and short delivery times.

3Structure optimization

Our team of experts will provide guidance and knowledge for structural optimization of any given project.

4Mass production

In addition to prototyping and small batch production, we also provide mass production services, including laser cutting, extrusion, water spraying, casting, etc.

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