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About kme

Why we
Establish KME

Since KME was founded in 2012, when we were just a small factory, we have been hearing complaints from product designers, engineers and entrepreneurs about traditional manufacturing methods And frustration: Improper supplier, low communication efficiency, uncertain pricing, uncertain production process, and unpredictable delivery time.

To be honest, most manufacturers operate here today, and we are not satisfied with that. Therefore, we have decided to build a better future for us, and more importantly, a better future for you.

We use our 10 years of experience in the on-demand manufacturing industry to develop a proprietary platform that allows customers to use cost-effective online pricing, one-stop Style quotation management, on-time delivery and guaranteed high quality service.

Our mission and core values

We strive to become the leader of smart manufacturing in the future. period. This means redefining how the manufacturing industry operates in order to provide you with better services. KME is based on the following three key values.

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No matter what we do, we strive for excellence. From 24/7 engineering support to DfM feedback before production, quality inspection methods before delivery, etc., we are committed to providing you with all conveniences so as to provide customers with the best value.

Quick and direct efficiency


We focus on the smallest details to make our work as high quality as possible. We conduct extensive research, rigorous testing and consistent analysis to ensure that our production and prototyping exceed standards.

"The core value
is the framework
We evaluate our choices"

Quick and direct control


Faced with such a huge task, we cannot accomplish it alone. Therefore, we are very happy to work with 50 military factories, state-owned 94th factory, and Shenzhen Electronic Technology to make our processes and final products better.


Because of the company’s expansion and better service to customers, a structural design department & quality inspection department was established

February 2013

At the beginning of the year, the Electronic Technology Group asked us to process the shell kits of computer notebooks, which were also converted from aluminum alloy to magnesium alloy material

October 2018

February 2012

KME was established in Shenzhen in 2012 and named Shenzhen KME Technology Co., Ltd.

March 2016

Achieving a win-win direction for cooperation with Magnesium Alloy Research Institute

August 2020

Connect with the world and establish Hong Kong KME Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

factory 215,000 ft2
20,000 m2
CNC Machines
CNC machine tool
Part production
lead time
48 hrs
Order to shipment time

Quick direct commerce

After all, we are engaged in manufacturing for the people, not just profit. We strive to bring meaningful changes to your business and the world. Our representatives are always on call and ready to help with your project:

  • Flexible payment methods (PayPal/wire transfer/net price 30/monthly payment/prepayment)
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • One-to-one account manager
  • Design for Manufacturing (DfM) feedback
  • Full-size report
  • Material certification
  • Additional services: extrusion, die casting, vacuum casting, etc.
  • 1% discount for late orders

The people behind
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