precision machining

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precision machining

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My equipment list

We have world-class high-precision processing equipment, which can help you process all kinds of precision-machined workpieces, and can ask you to solve difficult problems in production.

CNC machine

Machining has high precision, stable processing quality, and can process parts with complex shapes. The machine tool itself has high precision and high rigidity. It can choose a favorable processing amount and has high productivity (generally 3 to 5 times that of ordinary machine tools);

Precision Machining

  • HARDINGE lathe: 1 set
  • Others: 3 units
  • HAAS machining center: 5 sets
  • DMG gantry machining center: 1 set
  • MAZAK gantry processing: 2 sets
Magnesium alloy material machining

Injection machine

The casting has excellent dimensional accuracy, its casting surface is smooth, it can directly cast the internal structure, it can reduce or avoid secondary machining, the production speed is fast, and the metal with high fluidity can be cast.


  • FCH 315M:1desk
  • FCH 315Z:1desk
  • ZLC-500T:1desk
Aluminum alloy product

Surface equipment

To improve the quality requirements, clarity or appearance of surface treatment, choose from microfluid and micro-resolution materials, metal plating, secondary processing and customized surface treatment.


  • Polishing machine: 3 sets
  • Grinding machine: 6 sets
  • Drying furnace: 1 set
  • Oxidation tank: 1 set
  • Powder spraying machine: 1 set
  • Spray line: 1 line
rubber plastic material

Testing Equipment

We carry out different levels of inspections on the raw materials and finished products according to the data provided by customers. The highest quality requirement is military quality, including the mechanical properties of the raw materials and the surface testing and inspection of the finished products.


  • Three coordinates: 1 unit
  • Altimeter: 1 set
  • Accuracy meter: 1 set
  • Falling ball machine: 1 set
  • Salt spray test machine: 1 set
  • Heat and cold impact machine: 1 set
  • Adhesion certification machine: 1 set
rubber plastic material

Why use KME technology for CNC processing

dmf feedback and online quote

Real time quote

By simply uploading your design files and selecting materials and surface finishes, our big data-driven platform no longer sends emails back and forth, and calculates accurate and competitive CNC quotes in real time。

strong capabilities

Powerful ability

After working in this industry for nearly 20 years, KME Technology has established a team of engineers with rich experience in CNC projects. Obtain recommendations for machined parts that achieve the same function at a lower cost.

Guaranteed Quality RD

quality assurance

Quality is the cornerstone of manufacturing operations. We have passed ISO 9001:2015, and provide SGS, RoHS material certification, first article inspection, and full-scale inspection according to your requirements.