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precision machining

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Business areas we serve

As the trend of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, and stainless steel continues to drive innovation, lightweight companies are turning to KME to accelerate new product development and bring them to market faster. With rapid digital manufacturing and automated manufacturability feedback, designers and engineers can reduce design and cost risks, while developing a more responsive supply chain to better respond to the demand for more customized magnesium alloy products for precision products . .

Military industry

Our digital manufacturing capabilities have accelerated the development of various magnesium alloy materials, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel military components. Several common military applications include:

Precision manufacturing

  • Assembly line components
  • Fixture
  • Shell and shell
  • Dashboard component
  • After-sales parts
  • Accessories
  • Notebook structure
  • Communication parts
  • Reinforce the computer
  • Military kit
injection molding raw material - rigid plastics


Between machined metal and die-cast metal and sheet metal, there are more than 20 metal materials to choose from, which can be used for medical parts, instrumentation and other applications. Metals such as titanium and inconel have temperature resistance, while various stainless steel materials have corrosion resistance and strength.

Medical precision

  • Handheld device
  • Surgical instruments
  • Medical instrument housing/housing
  • Ventilator parts
  • Massage device shell
  • Monitor housing
  • Hearing aid accessories
  • Medical equipment parts
flexible plastic raw material


Our digital manufacturing capabilities have accelerated the development of various magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy and stainless steel aerospace components. Several common aerospace applications include:

Precision UAV parts structure

  • Heat exchanger
  • Manifold
  • Turbo pump
  • Liquid and gas flow composition
  • Fuel nozzle
  • Conformal cooling channel
  • Drone
  • Communication
rubber plastic material


There are multiple functions in our services and processes to meet the needs of consumers and the computer electronics industry. Some common applications include:

Electronic product

  • Shell/Shell
  • Structural parts
  • Fixture
  • Parts
  • Heat sink
  • Knob
  • Handle
  • Lens
  • Buttons
  • Switch
rubber plastic material