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precision machining

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Die casting box blank

[Product name] Die-casting box body blanks [Subsidiary] Die-casting LED box body CNC machining [Material] Magnesium alloy [machining technology] Die-casting [Machining accuracy] Overall dimension ±0.5mm Flatness 0.5 [Surface treatment] Pi...

Product name: Die casting box blank Frame

Material: ADC12

Industry: LED cabinet industry

Product specifications: 600*337.5*37

machining requirements:

1: Sharp corners are chamfered, burrs and flashes are removed, there should be no scratches, abrasions and other defects on the surface of the parts.

2: The machined surface is not allowed to have defects such as rust and affect the performance, life or appearance, such as bumps, scratches, etc., and the surface of the castings are not allowed to have cold partitions, cracks, shrinkage holes, penetrating defects, and serious incomplete defects. The castings should be Clean up, no burrs, flashes,

3: The pouring riser on the non-processing indication should be cleaned and flush with the surface of the casting, and the casting and markings on the surface of the workpiece are clearly identifiable

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