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precision machining

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CNC machining LED box

LED display cabinets have been greatly developed in recent years, and transistors have been surpassed almost overnight. LED display boxes are applied to all walks of life, but LED display box manufacturers need to be prepared for danger and find ways to p

CNC machining of die castings

[Product name] Die-casting LED box CNC machining parts

[Affiliation] CNC machining of die-casting LED box

【Material】Aluminum alloy

[machining process] Die-casting Pifeng Surface treatment CNC machining

[machining accuracy] Dimensions ±0.05mm Flatness 0.15

[Surface treatment] Phosphating powder spraying


1. The screen of the LED display box body will grow bigger and bigger, just like a mobile phone screen, but the quality cannot be reduced

2. Low-carbon life is sought after, so the lower the energy consumption of the LED display cabinet under the same quality, the better

3. Image response speed

4. LED display cabinets with better precision and high-definition images are more and more popular with the public

5. For the diversity of the use environment

6. Aesthetics. The thinner and lighter the LED display cabinet is, the more popular it is. Apple mobile phones can achieve 9mm. Therefore, our LED display cabinet manufacturers still have a long way to go.

7. Price factor, naturally the lower the better

8. Coordination with the natural environment

9. Whether it can be equipped with an intelligent control system, most of the current digital TVs are equipped with Android or Apple systems, and the LED display cabinet should not be left behind.

10. With some small functions, such as street lights, awnings, etc.

11. Develop subdivided fields, make each with its own characteristics, and use specialization to deal with specific scenarios

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