Automatic non-standard parts sliding seat

Motion control is widely used in packaging, printing, textile and assembly industries. S7-1200 unique axis technology object can realize online manual control through hardware configuration, panel debugging and diagnostic functions, and finally realize au

[Product name]: sliding seat

[Affiliation]: Lathe machining plant

[Material quality]: A6061

[machining technology]: CNC machining

[Dimensions]: 15*20*30

[machining accuracy]: 0.01

[Surface treatment]: Oxidized gray

The classification of non-standard automation equipment is rather vague, and its main classification is based on customer industries. Generally, there are the following elements:

1. Non-standard belt line series;

2. Non-standard double-speed chain series;

3. Non-standard chain plate line series;

4. Non-standard roller line series;

5. Non-standard drying line series;

6. Non-standard assembly line system

7. Non-standard automatic special plane series.

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