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precision machining

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Military precision cnc magnesium alloy injection parts

Rapid prototyping technology is a comprehensive technology that integrates material molding, CAD, CNC, laser and other technologies. This is a system technology that integrates part design with 3D solid prototypes.

Each service has its own way to buy solid precision CNC magnesium alloy die castings. For example, the Army’s system for precision CNC magnesium alloy die castings is a comprehensive purchase (CB) program run by the Office of Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS).

After determining the minimum specification requirements for each computer equipment category, the contracting activities of the Army Information Technology E-commerce and Commercial Contracting Center-make recommendations to the supplier. Evaluate the proposal and post the product and price to the CHESS website.

Army customers use the site to compare CB products. The customer places an order in cooperation with the local contract office. They can also order online or directly from suppliers.

While the process is provided by the CB plan, the contract vehicle provides a way to order equipment. The main contract tool for precision CNC magnesium alloy die castings is the Army Desktop and Mobile Computing 2 (ADMC-2) contract.

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