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Frequently Asked Questions about Wire Cutting

What are the common problems in the online cutting process? Our years of processing experience enables us to deal with the processing of various parts, non-standard parts, metal molds and other mechanical parts. With the development of the machining indus

With the development of the machining industry, our company has more and more precise process requirements, and has introduced various precision processing equipment and measuring equipment.

   1. The emulsified oil does not emulsify after being flushed

In the production process of emulsified oil, some volatile stabilizers are generally added. If the production process cannot be operated according to the process requirements or the inferior base oil is used as the raw material, this phenomenon may occur. The simplest way to deal with this problem The solution is to add some emulsified oil, which can be emulsified after stirring, or add some alcohol, the proportion is controlled at about 1%-2%.

   2. The workpiece does not move when cutting

In the actual cutting process, it is often encountered that the workpiece does not move, and sometimes it cannot be cut at all. This situation generally occurs when cutting high thickness or cutting difficult-to-process materials such as stainless steel. The fundamental reason is that the working fluid does not have good working fluid. To remove the characteristics of the product, the emergency method is to add some detergent or increase the concentration of the working fluid, but the most fundamental way is to change to a good working fluid. (In some areas, the problem of inability to cut can occur due to the use of hard water flushing liquid)

  3. The cutting speed of molybdenum wire is inconsistent when cutting forward and backward, and even does not move in one direction

   This kind of situation is often encountered when cutting high thickness. The root cause is the problem of the working fluid. Of course, it is also related to other factors such as the frequency conversion tracking speed and the uniformity of the molybdenum wire tension. By the way, when cutting high-thickness workpieces, it is best to speed up the frequency conversion tracking, because the wire will not be broken during over-tracking, but it will often lead to unstable processing and cause wire breakage when under-tracking.

   4. How to reduce the chance of molybdenum wire breaking at both ends of the wire barrel

The molybdenum wire for high-speed wire-cutting needs frequent reversal at both ends of the wire barrel, so the molybdenum wire at both ends will repeatedly receive the impact of tensile force, causing the molybdenum wire at both ends to suffer fatigue damage, so in order to extend the service life of the molybdenum wire For shifts (about 8), move the reversing travel switch a little bit inward. This method is especially important for high-current and high-efficiency processing.

   5. How to extend the service life of molybdenum wire

The molybdenum wire will be damaged every time it discharges with the workpiece, but the degree is very small, so it is best to use low-energy processing parameters to cut (make the damage less) after replacing the new molybdenum wire, and wait until After the molybdenum wire is basically whitish, use normal high current for cutting. Of course, before changing the molybdenum wire for cutting, it is best to let the molybdenum wire run dry for 5-10 minutes to release its original internal stress.

   6. How to reduce the probability of molybdenum wire breaking at the starting point

Generally, the automatic frequency conversion tracking method of the machine tool to cut into the workpiece from the outside can reduce the probability of the molybdenum wire breaking at the starting point. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure a good supply of coolant to absorb the disturbance of the molybdenum wire caused by the discharge force. The workpiece is best to be up and down. The water spray port is 5-10mm, so that the cooling liquid can better wrap the molybdenum wire.

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