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What is the cause of wire breakage in wire cutting

Our company has a variety of machining equipment including: CNC machining centers, fast-moving wire cutting, middle-moving wire cutting, electric sparks, milling machines, grinders, water mills, lathes, punching machines and other machining equipment. Mea

The following editor tells you that the sudden wire breakage in WEDM is mainly caused by the following reasons:

   1. Improper selection of electrical parameters, excessive current;

  2. Improper feed adjustment, fast and slow, frequent open circuit and short circuit;

  3. Improper use of working fluid, such as wrong use of ordinary machine tool emulsion, the emulsion is too thin, the use time is too long or is too dirty;

   4. The pipeline is blocked, and the working fluid flow is greatly reduced;

  5. The conductive block failed to contact with the molybdenum wire or has been drawn by the molybdenum wire, resulting in poor contact;

  6. ​​When cutting thick parts, the interval is too small or the working fluid is not suitable for cutting thick parts;

  7. The performance of the pulse power clipping diode becomes worse, and the negative wave during processing is large, which increases the loss of the molybdenum wire in a short time;

   8. The molybdenum wire is of poor quality or improper storage, and oxidation occurs, or the wire is stretched with a small iron rod or other inappropriate tools when the wire is wound, so that the wire is damaged;

  9. The speed of the wire drum is too slow, so that the molybdenum wire stays in the working area for too long;

  10. When cutting thick workpieces, the diameter of the molybdenum wire is selected too small.

  11. Increase the intermittent gear or reduce the number of power tubes;

  12.Improve the operating level, and adjust the feed potentiometer to stabilize the feed according to the <7> feed speed adjustment principle;

   13. Use special working fluid for wire cutting;

  14. Cleaning the pipeline;

   15. Replace or move the conductive block to a position;

  16. Increase the duty cycle and use Jiarun series or Nanguang-I, DX-4 and other working fluids suitable for thick parts cutting;

  17. Replace the clipping diode;

   18. Replace the molybdenum wire, and use the winding wheel to tighten the wire;

   19. Reasonably choose the silk speed gear;

  20. Choose the molybdenum wire with the right diameter

Over the years, we have maintained the standards of customer requirements and specifications, and improved quality and technology. Our company has a complete and extremely strict implementation of ISO9001:2015 international standard management system and environmental management ISO14000 system, maintaining "standardized management, standardized operation, With the management philosophy of “starting with small things and continuous improvement”, we provide high-quality services and high-quality machined products for customers at home and abroad!

The above is the introduction of "What is the reason for the sudden wire breakage in the wire cutting process". In today's day-to-day competition in the machinery industry, choose a high-tech, high-precision machining, high-quality service, and high-reputation machining Partners are an important link in future development,

The company sincerely welcomes new and old customers from all over the world to come to cooperate and negotiate, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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