precision manufacturing machining mold development trend

Lathe manufacturers analyze several development trends in the manufacturing process of mold base mold bases: mold base mold bases are a tool that enterprises must use when producing products. […]

2021-04-10 16:05:48

machining mold

non-standard parts machining concept

Non-standard parts machining manufacturers: Talking about the concept of non-standard parts machining, I don't know how you know about non-standard parts machining? Let's do a simple sharing together. […]

2021-04-10 16:02:04

machining concept

CNC machining precision requirements

Use a milling cutter with a larger diameter, and the rotation speed should be as high as possible, but the machine tool should not vibrate. Leave 0.3-0.5mm margin for rough milling before finishing. Whether it can reach it depends on whether the milling c […]

2021-04-06 16:22:20

precision requirements

Positioning of computer gong machining center

How do you choose the positioning datum of CNC computer gong machining center? Because the positioning of CNC computer gong machining center is also a weak aspect of many users in the machinery industry, what are the selection of positioning benchmarks fo […]

2021-04-06 16:19:57

computer gong machining

What are the factors affecting wire cutting machining

The roundness error, linear error and dimensional error of the slow-moving wire cutting machine are much better than those of the fast-moving wire cutting. Therefore, when machining high-precision parts, the slow-moving wire cutting is widely used in prod […]

2021-04-02 08:07:22

wire cutting machining

CNC milling machine machining center

There are various forms of CNC milling machines. Although different types of CNC milling machines are different in composition, they have many similarities. The following takes XK5040A CNC vertical lifting table milling machine as an example to introduce […]

2021-03-29 09:34:31

 CNC milling machining center

How to maintain the LED die-cast aluminum box

Keep the humidity of the LED display cabinet environment and do not let any moisture enter the LED display cabinet. Energizing on wet display cabinets can cause corrosion of display cabinet components and cause permanent damage. […]

2021-03-24 08:21:54

die-cast aluminum box

Technical requirements for screws, bolts and nuts

When tightening screws, bolts and nuts, it is strictly forbidden to strike or use inappropriate screwdrivers and wrenches. The screw grooves, nuts and screws, and bolt heads shall not be damaged after tightening. […]

2021-01-25 11:25:13

Technical requirements for screws, bolts and nuts