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Precision CNC machining process

Have you learned about CNC machining process? Today, the editor of Zhihang is here to tell you the specific steps of precision CNC machining. Interested friends, don’t you come to have a look?

Have you learned about CNC machining process? Here today, the editor of kme is here to tell you the specific steps of the precision CNC machining process. Interested friends, don’t you come to have a look?

1. At the beginning, the new engineer will review the drawing first to see if the product is suitable for CNC milling or CNC lathe processing. If it is a CNC lathe product, the engineer will draw the turning drawing based on the 3D and 2D files provided by the customer. files.

2. When the lathe master obtains the drawing file, he must first formulate the process requirements of the parts, the batch size of the processed parts, and then look at the structural size, processing range and accuracy requirements of the parts. Then draw up reasonable processing steps.

3. During the machining process, the machine must be roughed and then finely turned. There must be a lot of margin when roughing, and there will be a clamping position to be clamped during the fine turning.

4. Every time a size is processed, it must be measured first, and the next size can be processed only after reaching the standard, in case of rework for fear of inaccurate processing.

5. Whether it is hardware prototype parts or hardware small batches, our precision CNC processing masters will conduct self-inspection after the processing process is completed. During the CNC processing, there will be quality colleagues who will conduct irregular inspections and random inspections, and the entire processing is completed. After the full inspection.

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