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precision machining

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CNC machining surface treatment

In addition to customized CNC milling and turning services, we also provide complete surface finishing options for precision machined parts.

Anodizing can improve corrosion resistance, enhance wear resistance and hardness, and protect metal surfaces. Widely used in mechanical parts, airplanes, auto parts, precision instruments, etc.

surface finish - anodizing

Sandblasting will make the surface of the part smooth and rough texture. Mainly used for vision applications, then other surface treatments can be performed.

Surface treatment-sandblasting

The powder coating forms a durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant layer on the surface of the part. Powder coatings can be used to apply color to parts and are compatible with any metal.

Powder Coating Image

Electroplating can be functional, decorative or corrosion related. Many industries use this process, including the automotive industry, where chrome plating of automotive steel parts is common.

Electroplating Image

Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface through physical friction or chemical interference of parts. The surface produced by this process has obvious specular reflection, but diffuse reflection can be reduced in some materials。

Polishing Image

Brushing is a surface treatment process in which, usually for aesthetic purposes, an abrasive belt is used to draw marks on the surface of the material. Most commonly used in aluminum.

Brushing Rapid Direct

Painting the surface of parts can improve their aesthetic appearance and can provide consumers with brand awareness. In addition, painting may have a protective effect on the parts.

Painting Image