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precision machining

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Manufacturing Standards

KME Technology provides 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC milling, CNC turning and post-MACHINING services to meet various manufacturing needs. Our general tolerance is +/- 0.125mm (+/- 0.005"), and we can provide stricter tolerances up to +/- 0.01mm (+/- 0,000393") according to your requirements.
KME Technology provides various Injection molding services here, including rapid molds, household molds, multi-cavity molds, overmolding, etc. Check the following default manufacturing standards:
Part size Tolerance Angularity
< 300 mm (12″) ± 0.125 mm (± 0.005″) ± 0.5°
< 600 mm (24″) ± 0.250 mm (± 0.010″) ± 1.0°
< 900 mm (36″) ± 0.400 mm (± 1/64″) ± 1.0°
< 1100 mm (36″) ± 0.400 mm (± 1/64″) ± 1.0°
Part size (mm) Accuracy tolerance Ordinary mold tolerance
1~22 ±0.06~0.09 ±0.08~0.13
22~70 ±0.11~0.17 ±0.14~0.24
70~160 ±0.20~0.29 ±0.30~0.43
160~250 ±0.36~0.44 ±0.51~0.68
250~315 ±0.44~0.55 ±0.68~0.85
315~600 ±0.70~0.90 ±1.08~1.38

Fast direct quality control system

In order to consistently provide high-quality parts that meet customer needs, we have adopted a series of inspection methods that cover the entire manufacturing process.

Pre-production quality system

Technical evaluation

Before starting production, the KME Technology Engineering Team will check and confirm the materials, structure, process and Other details 3D and 2D engineering drawings. This prevents possible errors and unfulfillable requirements from the beginning.

Material verification

According to customer requirements, we provide certification of materials used in the manufacturing process. The report comes from the raw material manufacturer and usually includes: material heat, material grade, material size, mechanical properties, chemical analysis, etc.

Under production quality control

On-site inspection system

In precision machining, it is essential that the material block is always in the correct position. With the help of the on-site inspection system, the machine will automatically check the position and adjust accordingly. This can avoid early problems and help save costs and time.

In-process quality control

In KME Technology, we strictly comply with the requirements of ISO9001:2015. Quality control personnel conduct routine inspections on all produced parts every 2 hours.

First article inspection

In order to reassure customers before mass production, we provide the first part inspection of injection molding orders, and can specially request CNC machining. We will inspect sample parts and provide inspection reports with images. If necessary, we will ship parts for your verification.

Final inspection before delivery

Full size inspection report

For orders on the KME technology platform, we will provide a complete size inspection report according to customer requirements. The report includes: number of parts, key dimensions, threads and tolerances, thickness and depth, appearance of parts, etc.


Logistics is unpredictable, so we will try our best to reduce the risk for you. There are four protective layers on the packaging: 1. Wrapping paper 2. EPE 3. Foam 4. Paper/wood box. We are committed to providing the highest protection, quality and beautiful parts that can meet your expectations.

Design Verification Program

In order to give customers peace of mind before going into production, we provide the first part of verification.

This procedure can reduce risks and ensure that the parts meet your requirements. Orders containing a minimum of 50 units of single parts or an order value of USD 5,000 have been accepted.


  • You request an inspection of the first product to obtain a quotation that meets the requirements of our design verification program.
  • Check KME Technology to view the quotation and grant you the permission to use DVP.
  • You sign the quotation provided by KME Technology and agree to the DVP terms and conditions.
  • We produced two parts and sent them to you.
  • You will receive and inspect the parts, and then inform KME Technology that full-scale production may begin.
  • Start full production and deliver within delivery time.

Quality report and certification

full dimension inspection

Comprehensive inspection report

For each order on our platform, we will provide a complete size inspection report on the customer. Use precision measuring instruments (calipers or gauges) and use coordinate measuring machines to verify dimensions when needed. The report includes:

  • Number of parts
  • Key dimensions
  • Thread and tolerance
  • thickness and depth
  • Part appearance
material certification

Material certification

According to customer requirements, we can provide certification of materials used in the manufacturing process. This report comes from the raw material manufacturer and usually includes:

  • Material calorific value
  • Material grade
  • Material size
  • Mechanical characteristics
  • Chemical analysis
  • Heat treatment (if applicable)

Quality assurance

KME Technology strictly follows and implements ISO quality standards, and has passed ISO 90001:2015 certification. You can click here to download the certificate report.

Testing equipment

KME Technology uses X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis, which is a non-destructive testing method that uses short-wave X-rays or gamma rays to determine the elemental composition of metals, plastics and other materials to check the quality of the materials.

After the manufacturing is complete, an optical comparator (also called a projector) will be used to inspect the components, accurately measure their dimensions and compare them with the original dimensions of the CAD model. Any inconsistencies detected by the projector will be warned in the detailed inspection report.

At KME Technology, we use the second inspection process after production, namely coordinate measuring machine (CMM). By capturing a series of points from the object, CMM technology can accurately determine the size of the component. It is especially suitable for parts with complex geometric shapes.

Solve quality problems

Our first priority at KME Technology is to provide high-quality parts that meet customer requirements. If your order does not meet this standard and does not meet the specifications, please contact us within five working days after receiving the order, and we will quickly solve the problem within 1-3 working days.

Repair occasions:
-Unacceptable processing defects
-Unable to meet tolerance requirements
-Incorrect material/surface

Refund occasion:
-This part cannot be machined
-Customer does not agree to rework
-Other reasons

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